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Are you ready to solve those pesky issues that keep holding back your business success and never seem to go away?

Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy unearths the issues burrowed beneath the surface of your business in six areas - mindset, prospecting, team-building (including virtual team-building), customer satisfaction, the power of language, and use of minimalism for maximum results you, as an entrepreneur and business creator, can grow your business and thrive at your intersection of your brilliance and your passion!

Journeys to Success - Millennial Edition Real-life stories that break the stereotype of today’s younger digital natives. Each author recounts their personal experiences, and sacred moments of complete and utter failure…and the wisdom gained and the lessons learned that gave them the strength to dramatically shift their mindset.

Based on the success principles of Napoleon Hill, each author begins their story from the worst moment in their lives—the turning point—revealing the driving force behind what they do today to make this world a better place. Award-winning business author Brad Szollose and Napoleon Hill Instructor Tom Cunningham bring together 21 of the most extraordinary Millennials ever assembled for a deep dive into what it takes to be successful.

A must read gift for anyone who wants to understand Millennial Thinking.

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Claim The Kindle Version Now - Instant Access!(Limited Time Only - Act Now)

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